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Building Physics & Room Acoustics

Building physics optimizations help to lower energy requirements, prevent building damage and increase user comfort. Well insulated and airtight buildings have low heat requirements. The analysis of moisture risk and protection measures ensures a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Sound insulation measures against internal and external noise as well as room acoustic measures maximises user comfort and acceptance. We draw up energy surveys and calculations as well as noise and sound control certificates. Together with the architects, we optimize the construction details for a damage free, low thermal bridging building.



  • Room climate
  • Heat and moisture protection
  • Protection against overheating in summer
  • Acoustics calculations
  • Noise protection, building and room acoustics
  • Daylight and lighting planning
  • Calculation of heat bridges and structural components
  • Planning and construction guidance
  • Inventory analyses
  • Expertise in thermal building physics, building and room acoustics as well as noise protection
  • Certificates and measurements
  • Thermography recording
  • Optimzation of designs and material selection
  • Status and potential analyses
  • Presentations, trainings