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Building Ecology

Building ecology is geared towards low-resource and pollutant-free construction. The use of building ecological valuable materials helps to protect the environment and creates a healthy surrounding for the users.

With the gradual reduction of the energy requirement for the operation of buildings, the importance of grey energy increases. The compilation of a life cycle assessment provides insight on primary energy and greenhouse gas emissions that are emitted during construction, restoration and dismantling of buildings.

Valuable resources are stored in buildings. Easy to separate constructions and material layers support the recyclability of building materials and help to close the material cycle.



  • Planning and construction consulting
  • Support for competitions and pre-checks
  • Preparation of life cycle assessments including calculation of grey energy, greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts
  • Optimisation of designs and material selection
  • Recycling and disassembly concepts
  • Developing building ecology spare parts catalogues
  • Monitoring and implementation of green building certifications
    (such as Minergie-ECO®, DGNB/SGNI, LEED, BREEAM)
  • Presentations, trainings