LENUM AG is a service partner for companies, and for the private and public sector in the field of light, energy and environment . In cooperation with our clients we develop strategies for sustainability and implement them.

With innovative energy concepts we save our customers energy and money. By optimizing the building envelope, ventilation, heating and cooling systems comfortable living and pleasant working conditions with the minimum amount of energy consumption can be realized. Our services in the field of building ecology result in healthy buildings. The environmental impact is minimized throughout the entire building lifecycle. Healthy and comfortable work spaces increase work productivity.

We have pooled our expertise in art and daylight planning in the spektrum brand (www.spektrum.design).

We create added value for people and the environment. We replace material and energy resources through knowledge. Our strength lies in our employee’s solid scientific education and the use of the latest IT tools. We practice this knowledge daily. With experience and expertise, we create synergies.